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Platinium Cast

For Platinium Cast we perform website and online shop development along with copywriting services for demanding clients. Thanks to this collaboration, we are able to carry out projects for large corporations, which has allowed us to gain valuable experience and thrive on developing our skills. Together, we create high-end projects that combine marketing and technological elements. We are often inspired by each other to create content that has real value for users and contributes to the development of our clients.

Ruby on SaaS

Both Ruby on Sites and Ruby on SaaS brands are very much intertwined, as we share the same CEO and CTO - Casper Tarchała. Ruby on Sites specialises in creating websites and online shops and automating business processes, while Ruby on SaaS focuses on creating web and mobile applications, building optimised teams of developers and conducting professional technology audits. This allows us to offer our clients fully comprehensive solutions that combine the best features of both brands.

As employees, we have great relationships with each other, which contribute to a positive working atmosphere which, combined with the creation of interesting and innovative projects, makes the Ruby on SaaS group a fantastic place to work.